The Beginning of Blogging

Hello Friends,

It’s slightly strange for me to be writing a blog because I’ve never been quite sure of what I’d actually do if I had one… and I’m still not! But for some reason, it feels right to begin now and, as a friend pointed out, I’m very rarely short of something to say! So here I go…

Expect the unexpected’ is my thought for today, because once again I have been reminded of just how important that is – at least for me. How often do we try to control the outcome of a situation or think that something has gone ‘wrong’ because it didn’t quite turn out as we’d hoped? I’ve realized that it’s when we think we know, we get shown that we have no idea! And we may as well let ‘whatever it is’ be ‘whatever it is’. Because ‘whatever it is’, more often than not, works out in ways we could not imagine at the time. Right?

Perhaps that’s the case with this blog, too. And I must say, that though it’s title (like my radio show) is Anna and the Angels, because they are indeed a huge part of my life, I am a human being – surprise, surprise! So while what I post may at times be wise and profound, it may also be far from it! But I do promise you this: what I share will always come from the very real, emotional, often playful, unashamedly wonky places in my heart, giving you a glimpse into life and love as I know it… then.

I look forward to sharing more with you!

Much love,

Anna xxx


10 thoughts on “The Beginning of Blogging

  1. Very Nice Anna! Congrats! Taking those steps to ‘step in’ are wonderful! You are such and inspiration I look forward to the heart peeks on your blog! Many Blessings!

  2. So happy you have started a blog, Anna! I have no doubt you will know exactly what to do with your blog as each time you visit here. Feel free to visit my blog, address below. I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have had a reading with you this a.m., thank you once again! Your connection with the angels is awesome! Look forward to coming here to see what you have to share.

  3. Honey, soooo coolio that you have started a blog 🙂 Absolutely LOVE it! Could be now, however, that I get even more lazy with e-mailing as I get all the news from your blog 😉 Kidding! Love ya! Kazillions of Huggies, Sabine xooxox

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