A Hundred Thousand Angels

Lucinda Drayton (the voice of ‘Bliss’) has been one of my favourite singers – and people – for many years.

Back in 2001, a friend of mine who was helping me reconnect with my own voice had shared Lucinda’s song A Hundred Thousand Angels with me and it touched me instantly –  and even more so when I heard her sing it live a few months later. As she sang the lyric ‘Do you feel the love that’s falling from my eyes?’ I remember thinking ‘Yes, I do!’

At that time in my life, my interest and experience with the Angels was growing but I still had no idea I could connect with them in the way I do now. That was, until I took Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioner class in 2003. It was a completely life changing week that remains the best decision I have ever made, not least because, as I sat in my hotel room on the second to last day, wondering how on Earth I could thank Doreen for such an amazing time, I decided to pick up the dictaphone I had brought with me and sing her the most appropriate song I could think of – A Hundred Thousand Angels! I had no backing track or instruments with me so I sang as best I could and, before I could talk myself out of sharing it, I handed the cassette to one of the staff and thought nothing else of it.

The next morning, Doreen came to find me. She told me that the song had made her cry and asked me if I could sing it for everyone. I was in shock and terrified at the thought of singing a cappella in front of a hundred and fifty others and wasn’t sure if I could do it, but just before I did, in a moment I will never forget, Doreen knelt down beside me and whispered, ‘Just remember there are a hundred thousand angels around you.’ I can’t recall much of what happened next, because for the first time since I was a tiny child, I closed my eyes and just sang – without any thought of what I sounded like. My only memories are of hitting the high note in the chorus and of all the people crying in the audience as I opened my eyes towards the end. I couldn’t believe it, honestly, nor could I find words to answer Doreen and others who asked me if I had recorded it. All I can say now, is a seed was planted within me that morning and I wondered if I really could touch people with my voice. But perhaps more importantly, I realized that singing was and is a huge part of who I am.

The following year, just before travelling to California for Doreen’s Advanced class, and with Lucinda’s very kind permission, I sat in a little home studio so that I could share the song with my friends and family. As my friend put it at the time, I was ‘like a duck in water’ and the little seed grew into a dream – a dream of recording my own album.

I won’t write the rest of the story now, but needless to say, A Hundred Thousand Angels has a very special place in my heart. Had I not shared it in class, I truly believe my life would be so different now. Doreen saw and heard me in a way that nobody else had before and in that opportunity, and others since, she has always encouraged me to be true to myself and to keep singing, as  has Lucinda. So you can perhaps understand my ‘full circle moment’ in receiving these words in support of me and my CD:

“Anna Taylor is an extraordinary woman who has overcome many obstacles to create her album ‘Already Here’. The songs are heartfelt and her words, like Anna, are full of integrity and strength. This album is the reflection of a very pure soul and is a great start to a wonderful journey.” ~ Lucinda Drayton

‘Why share this now?’, you might ask. Well, because last night (and I’ll get to the point soon, I promise) I had the absolute pleasure of watching Lucinda and her partner and producer, Marcus Cliffe at an intimate and very special gig (it’s going down in history as one of my favourites!). Tears could not help but run down my cheek as I listened, completely captivated and grateful for the moment and for the many memories her music evokes for me, including the ones I’ve shared here.

We all sat in an meditative state for the last half of the show, just allowing the songs and the feelings to flow through us. And flow they did! The energy in the room was palpable and when Lucinda began to sing the penultimate song of the evening, A Hundred Thousand Angels, I felt my already tingling arms change in temperature and my whole body relax. I was indeed being literally enveloped by what I know were Angel wings! It was, with no pun intended, complete bliss and certainly one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had in a long time. Ahhh!

Thank you, Angels. Thank you, Lucinda. Your presence, your love, your reminder of the connections we share in this thing we call life, were as ever, impeccably timed and more meaningful than any words I could write.

May we all remember that there are a hundred thousand Angels by our side tonight and whenever we ask!

My love to you,

Anna xxx

P.S You can check out Lucinda Drayton’s beautiful music at: www.blissfulmusic.com 


10 thoughts on “A Hundred Thousand Angels

  1. I loved what you wrote here…and could feel teary eyed myself as I read your experience with singing at the ATP course. And I so I wish I had been there with you to experience that magical moment myself. Love you!

  2. Dear Anna,
    I also have tears in my eyes from reading your beautiful and inspiring words. Thank you so much for being such an amazing example of inspiration! You are a gift! Polly

  3. Awww Honey, crying tons of good tears. Thank you for the reminder of your beautiful voice that always touches the very core of my heart and soul. I will hunt up the (still packaged from the move) carton to find your CD’s. They always uplift me in a second. THANK YOU for your beautifully awesome voice and for daring to live your dream and for sharing your thoughts and for blogging. You are such a marvel, such a God-send and a huge miracle in my life! Love you!

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