Revelation at the Gym

Yesterday, at the gym, while I was very aware of my body ‘just not doing what I wanted it to do!’ I suddenly felt the presence of my guardian angels and found myself glancing at a lady I’d seen there many times before. She was busy racing from one machine to the next, forcing her tiny, and clearly anorexic frame to do as much as it could, as if she’d never be able to visit again. My heart went out to her but as my mind began to wonder what more of her story might be, my attention was drawn to a very toned, well-built man who growled as he lifted his heavy weights. He looked exhausted with a glazed look in his eyes and I couldn’t help noticing his relief as he let out an almost guttural sound, pushing his aching body towards it’s limit. ‘Did he really enjoy that?!’, I thought.

Then as I sat down on the leg-press, opposite me was a guy who offered a timid smile. I’d guess he had just begun his workout, I’d never actually seen him at the gym before, but the look on his face said it all – he didn’t want to be there but he was going to do his best to get through it as quickly as possible! He walked slowly away and I could feel the heavy weight he was carrying, both physically and emotionally.

I breathed a long sigh at the people around me, aware of the judgement I was making about what I saw, and then at the ways I wanted to help them…knowing that it was not my job to do so. And then, as if to remind me of something I’d heard  Oprah Winfrey say years ago, the Angels spoke:

You all choose to do different things with your pain. It may look completely opposite sometimes, but it’s not so much. The individual story doesn’t matter when you remember that it’s all pain being expressed in various ways. And the judgement and separation, the ‘you’ and ‘them’ cannot exist when you remember you just chose to do something else with yours.’ 

Aha! So there it was. A timely reminder given to me, most likely, to shake me from the less than enthusiastic mood I get caught in every time I go to the gym. For a spilt second, as the angels’ presence multiplied in the room, and I saw each person’s light, I wanted to reach out to them and say ‘l love you!‘ but I didn’t. Instead I took it as a sign to stop my moaning and say ‘I love me too…’ After all, I’m pretty sure that’s what the angels were trying to point out: awareness and compassion goes a long way in lighting us up…and therefore, the world.

And by the way, it’s not ending today or on December 21st. If anything, it’s just beginning! So let’s stop the fear about what might happen and instead choose to live with compassion and kindness for ourselves and others. That’s revolution at it’s best, isn’t it?

Much love and blessings for 12.12.12 and onwards!



Angelic Holiday Help

If there’s any time of year where more people are reminded of Angels, it’s at Christmas! They are everywhere – on cards, in carols and nativity plays, and on top of Christmas trees! But I believe, along with many others, they are not just for Christmas, and are very real, non-denominational, unconditionally loving beings who are with every single one of us on Earth, without exception. The word ‘Angel’ literally means messenger and they exist to help us with anything that will bring us peace.

Many people I talk to associate Angels only with major life – changing situations or crisis and while that can be true, they really are here to help us with anything, just as long as we ask! They do not judge us or any circumstances in our lives as more or less important, and are happy to help us no matter what.
As well as our own guardian Angels who are personal to us, there are several Archangels with purposes such as healing, protection, communication, creativity and more. It is not selfish to call upon them as these Archangels (and angels) have no time or space restrictions and can simultaneously be with any one of us and work alongside our guardian angels to assist us with whatever we need. Each Archangel has a particular role and it can be helpful to call on their specific help.
Archangel Jophiel, for example, is a wonderful feminine Archangel to invoke during this season. Her name means beauty and can relax and uplift us if we are feeling overwhelmed or stressed by a big ‘to-do’ list, including helping to find the perfect gifts for our family and friends. This may seem trivial in the scheme of things but as I mentioned before, nothing is trivial to the Angels if it is meaningful to us and will help us to stay peaceful. And who doesn’t want to get their Christmas shopping done easily?! Also, if the Christmas period is emotionally challenging, we can call upon Jophiel’s presence to boost and ‘beautify’ our mood.
Archangel Raphael is another great Archangel, this time with a more masculine energy, who is known as a very powerful healer. He is always the first one I call upon for any assistance with physical ailments which can be especially common during these winter months! I like to visualise his emerald green light around me and my body or any loved ones who are feeling unwell. Like Jophiel, he is also very nurturting and can calm any situation. He is also wonderful in assisting with all aspects of travel so it can be beneficial to ask him to help you and your loved ones if you making any kind of journey to see eachother during the holidays.
We can invoke these (or any) Angels presence by asking out loud, in our minds or through writing – it doesn’t matter how we ask, just that we do! They are ever – present and waiting for our call! You can be specific as you like or by simply saying something like: ‘Thank you Angels for your being with me and for helping me and my loved ones enjoy a peaceful, happy Christmas. And so it is!’
Blessings to you!