Do You Feel Behind?

It feels like AGES since I last posted a message here – and that’s probably because it is! There are no excuses except that I’ve had a lot to juggle and sometimes there are things that get left behind.

The only thing with that is, I felt bad about not writing and especially so when I’ve found myself needing to rest because I’ve felt like I ‘should’ be doing something. Like writing to you!

However, as I am reminded of the words I’ve shared with you in a previous post ‘Would I say that to my best friend?’Β  I realize the answer – no, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t be so harsh with anyone needing to take a break. So instead, I have just had to let it be, knowing that my blog and those who read it would still be here when I had the time and the inspiration to post. And now I do!

I actually spent most of my young life feeling like I needed to ‘play catch up’. From as far back as I can remember, I worked hard to do the things that my friends and family had done before me – crawling, walking, playing sports, going out, working, earning money – they were all things I did later than usual and nothing ever felt good enough because there was always something MORE to do to be like everyone else. Nobody ever actually said that but I never felt particularly acknowledged for what I WAS doing and so in my head I was constantly battling with the need to ‘do better’.

Of course, I now understand that there is always more to do. Life is full of opportunities. However, that doesn’t mean I, or any of us, Β have to compare where we are with others and then decide that it isn’t enough, neither do we have to spend our time focused on what we haven’t done yet!

The Angels recently spoke to me and said:

‘You have not missed out, you have not been left behind and there is nothing you need to do to catch up. Where you are right now is perfect. Be fully present and enjoy the gift that is this moment.’

That’s the thing. We ARE exactly where we need to be. Even when things feel stuck. Actually, especially when things feel stuck! We’ve just finished a Mercury retrograde (where the planet seemingly goes backwards) which is a period of time that allows us all to reflect, re-evaluate, release, to re-visit. Any of those sound familar? The intensity is not always easy and I’m breathing a sigh of relief that we can begin to feel movement again too, but just like the ebb and flow of the tide we need those quiet, reflective times so that the next steps forward again can be even more wonderful! I have found myself needing to be very still this past week and while my ego likes to argue with that, I also trust that is what I need so I’ve done my best to honour that and just BE.

So whatever you haven’t done, whatever isn’t happening, whatever you feel behind with, RELAX! Let go of guilt and of any ‘should’ or ‘have to’ because they will only weigh you down and rob you of the gift of where you are which is completely and utterly Divine.

And you know what? When you remember that everything flows anyway. Promise. πŸ˜‰

Much love and compassion to you,



9 thoughts on “Do You Feel Behind?

  1. β€˜Would I say that to my best friend?’ This is something you always remind me of when I am unkind, harsh to myself…or even when I belittle myself in a joke. And just this question has made a huge difference in my life Anna. You have noticed too, haven’t you, in my own attitude towards myself? And I will say without hesitation, that you ALONE are responsible for this change in me. Yep. No exaggeration there. No one else has been able to achieve that change in me. You know I can be very stubborn. People usually give up on me. Not because they are not good enough, or they don’t love me….but because I am a tough nut to crack. You seem to know how to tirelessly tell me the same thing till I listen. I will not say you are “left behind” in anyway. In my opinion, as long as we make a difference in even one life, we have served our purpose. So even when you are “resting”, you continue to be my untiring cheerleader. And I know, that this is something you do for many. So…in my opinion, you are never lagging behind. You are an angel who is on duty 27/7. And in my opinion (even though I am sounding like I am comparing a bit…lol!!), you are far ahead in your life than many others who crawled before you, walked before you, danced before you, went out, earned and whatever else before you. (((((hugs))))) I am lucky you are in my life!

  2. Anna, THANK GOD you are NOT like everyone else! πŸ™‚
    Good for you for resting and taking a break, you deserve it.
    Although I have to admit, I kept coming back here and was sort of “miffed” that you hadn’t blogged in a while, but that’s just me. You are like chocolate, if I don’t get my Anna-fix in a while I get cranky πŸ˜‰
    @Swati: If you think you are a tough nut, I’m like a brick LOL Anna sure is a saint, she has never given up on me, either πŸ™‚ You should come with us to Austria, the 3 of us would make sure to be thrown out of the hotel due to driving all other guests insane with our giggles deep into the night πŸ˜‰
    Love you both! xooxo

  3. You girls are so fun πŸ™‚ Please don’t ever feel bad about not writing. When you do, it is a gift, and we enjoy and appreciate it! I too am trying not to “should” myself but that ego is tricky. It’s so bossy! My goals for this year are things I want to do, not a list of things I should do. It’s funny, I find that when you take should out of the equation, you actually want to to the things that used to be shoulds. Thank you for being you and for sharing yourself with us! Seeing your humanity helps me to be easier on myself πŸ˜‰

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