Thirty Two Things I’ve Learned

Last year, just before my 32nd birthday , I wrote 31 things I’ve learned or been reminded of during that time. And now, a year older, I share 32 with you. 🙂 Some life lessons I find continual  so there may be similarities. But I also know I have felt brand new this year, so what I share here is also a reflection of that.

This is my truth. I encourage you to contemplate and discover your own.

1) My belief in Divine Timing has no bearing on my patience.
2) Becoming an Auntie is one of the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
3) Being a Mum is definitely something I hope to happen for me.
4) I love being in my 30’s, even though most people assume I’m ten years younger.
5) Facebook is a wonderful avenue for creativity and communication.
6) Facebook is also a techonology and should not be taken seriously.
7) When someone shows you who they are believe them.
8) Life makes no sense sometimes. And that can be equally devastating and incredible.
9) You cannot change anyone else. Only yourself. Believe me.
10) The Law of Attraction is a very powerful Universal law but it’s not the only one.
11) I cannot resist salty food. Especially crisps (chips in the USA!).
12) I cannot be all things to all people. And that’s OK.
13) Having a couple of people in my life whom I can talk to about anything gives me the greatest comfort.
14) Knowing I am also that person for them gives me the greatest joy.
15) The more I trust my intuition, the stronger it gets.
16) I am a deeply romantic, passionate woman. And I’m proud of it.
17) Money will never be my motivation or my happiness but it does give me the freedom to share more and for that reason I accept it without hesitation or limit.
18) I am very trusting but once my trust is broken, I’ll keep you at arms length.
19) I love having flowers in my house. Except lillies that give me a headache.
20) No one is worth closing your heart for. I promise.
21) No one can make you feel bad. That’s an inside job.
22) However it’s always wise to spend time with people who make an effort to brighten your day.
23) The simple things make the biggest difference.
24) We teach what we need to learn.
25) I am (slightly) addicted to my iPhone.
26) I have a (slight) crush on Josh Duhamel.
27) Rejection really is God’s protection. The miracle that brings two people together is also the miracle that has them drift apart (and the true miracle is usually only revealed later).
28) The power of hormones cannot be underestimated.
29) The power of a good night’s sleep cannot be overestimated.
30) The biggest blessings often wear the biggest disguises.
31) Do not confuse sensitivity with weakness. The ability to feel, and to express those feelings is a great strength.
32) Underneath all other words, love is always the question and always the answer. Either because we have remembered it or need reminding of it.
Much love,