I’m Having A Tough Evening

I have to be honest and say I’m having a tough evening. My faith is wobbly. Really wobbly. Yep, that’s right, ‘The Angels’ Voice’ is not hearing the Angels’ Voice much right now because she’s too busy being disappointed.

My Soul knows that there is always a plan I cannot see, a reason I do not know and that ‘This or something better’ is at play, but right now my ‘Earth girl’ self is feeling more than a little sad and perplexed that a dream so close to coming true is now as far away as it has ever been.

I share this with you because people often think that I must have this whole life thing figured out and that being able to talk to Angels so frequently makes me immune to such experiences. But I can assure that is not the case. In fact, I think that’s why I am able to work with people as I do because I understand and empathise with the sheer mystery of life. I am human as we all are.

And let me say this: being sad, mad, gutted and whatever else we might feel does not make us any less ‘spiritual’. It makes us real. We do not have to feel bright and shiny and positive all the time to create a beautiful life. We just need to show up as we are and that means being beautifully messy sometimes. Letting it all flow through us and out of us is absolutely healthy and a necessary part of truly moving on.

What is not so healthy is staying stuck in the sad, mad and gutted or letting our circumstances define us. That’s victimhood. That’s forgetting that who we are as powerful, creative beings who have a choice about what we do with our experiences. That’s forgetting that life happens FOR us and not to us.

Still, I am not afraid to say that I am gutted to have been given such a wonderful opportunity, only to have been told ‘no’ at the last hurdle. So I am just going to feel what I feel because when I feel what I feel and allow myself to be real, I will more easily heal. (I have a feeling the Angels just gave me that poem to make me smile!)

I hope you will too, wherever you’re at. Life is not for the faint hearted, dear ones! But it IS worth it. We are worth it.

We love you,

Anna and the Angels


40 thoughts on “I’m Having A Tough Evening

  1. Today I have felt the same way that you are…my heart is hurting,I feel alone and depressed and I am trying to get my attitude in check…I just feel like I want to cry.I am struggling with my financial issues due t o my rent increase.I feel like my minds fighting between depression and find my joy..So I think the Angels are using you to help us..thank you for opening up..sometimes a person feels like we are the only ones that have a heavy heart.I to will try with the help of my Angels to my Life together thank you for sharing,Susanne. 🙂

    • Bless you, Susanne. Yes, do ask your Angels to help you feel better, to bring you miracles and to give you guidance about your next steps right now. Doing so and being proactive like that will help you feel empowered rather than powerless. Because there’s always something we can do to feel better or move forward with even in challenging situations. Sending you many blessings!

  2. Well….don’t worry, it all going to be all right….it’s probably a bend in the road, so keep it up, hold on the faith that has sustained you till now and you will come out with flying colours.
    All the best, God Bless You,

    • I understand. I find focusing on gratitude really helps. Even if it’s just one thing you are grateful for right now. Write it down and make an effort to write at least two things a day that you are grateful for. Doing so shifts our energy and perspective and helps us stay open to more blessings to come. I hope that helps! Sending you many blessings, Kerry!

  3. I can relate to feelings of disappointment and am sorry you’re going thru this. Struggling to get unstick myself and realize I haven’t truly felt joyous in months. Yearning for this and wondering what a certain situation in my life is trying to teach me? Thank you for your honesty and sharing your humanity.

  4. We all have those times and those are the times we need to totally surrender to the God all mighty that can give us all we need. Pray and give it up girl. He’s got you!!!

  5. Yes, you are worth it, as everyday I look forward to my daily Angel letters. You have impacted my daily life more than you will ever know. And hey, everybody has an off day. It is allowed! Thank you

  6.  You are so appreciated Anna. For all you are, for who you are. For the soul that is so loving and shares so much with others. Your words once gave me a reason to get over my being hurt and abandoned. It was in a poem that you shared titled Thankful.     I will only share what we know; when one door closes, the one that opens for you will be twice as beautiful. :)You are loved.

  7. I am right there with you. Lots of sadness and grief and then anger today at the whole thing. Working my rear end off to get “there” and I never do. Tired, disillusioned, want to throw in the towel. But I won’t. I’ve been here before and I know it is temporary. Sure not enjoying this particular space though. Ugh!

  8. have followed your posts for a while now but this is the first blog i’ve read and it is truly beautiful – teaching me we’re here to experience it all – the good and the not so good (or the ‘it was good we just didn’t know it at the time’ type stuff) Love and light, Aly

  9. Dear Anna, Thank you for your post, it certainly helped me after a really tough day and realizing one of my dreams wasn’t as near to becoming reality as I thought. What is so amazing about your post is how you counselled yourself all the way through, that is quite remarkable, wow! Lots of Love Janexxxxx PS, Hope you are feeling better though :))))

  10. Aw honey! *biiiiiig hugs* I read the other day somewhere “Joy are the few moments when the catastrophes of life take a break.” So, I guess that’s all we’ll ever have: precious moments to be treasured and fully lived before the shit hits the fan once again LOL For some reason this made me smile, helped me to go on, helped me dry my tears and those of those beloved to me, at yet another funeral when once again I had to bury someone I love.
    Beautiful lovely human princess-angel Anna, treasure the joyous moments and live them to the fullest and know that they will come again, they are just around the corner of the momentous “catastrophe”. Take a deep breath, do some singing or listen to your awesome music, have some ridiculous expensive chocolate and a bubble bath with some luxurious scent and enjoy. Does this make the catastrophe go away? No, it won’t, but it will help a bit to lighten the load of your heartbreak.
    You are in my prayers Sweetie! Love you!

    • I’m sorry you’ve had to say goodbye to another person you love, Sabine! You’ve had so much loss to deal with. Sending you lots of love and thank you for your support. It’s all good and happening for a reason, I’m sure. ❤

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