If you are in pain

Dearest Ones

We have much compassion for the mind, it has brought you far in ways necessary for your human experience.

We know what it was like to live in the confines of what feels limited, what is taught, what is learned, what is deemed as reality by many. We struggled too, we cried too, we were on our knees too. We feel you, and this is why we ask you not to judge your current state but to allow it to move through, to let it be a reason to call upon our help and those you trust more than before but also to listen to the depth of your heart. To let your lack of faith in us and yourself in this moment, to actually be a moment that you drop deeper into your heart, into the place that is not of understanding but of being.

For when there is nothing on Earth that makes sense, when you are down to your last drop of faith, your true heart speaks. The depth of your desire rises up, above your fear and you invite the miracles into your life that have always been here for you. It isn’t that you must suffer to experience true miracles, no,  but we see that in your efforts to be OK with how you life has been, in your choice to remain comfortably in what is less than magic, you have remained somewhat closed to what is truly possible. When there is nothing left but for a miracle to be shown to you, when it seems as if this is your only option before you break, a deeper clarity and truth emerges.

Please know you are safe and we’ve got you. BE in this moment. Rest in the love which is everlasting and unending regardless of your tears, your fears and your struggles. The struggle will lessen if you remember that you needn’t figure anything out now. The fight to do so will only keep you stuck in your mind which rarely has any sustaining answers and is never the source from which miracles are born.

You are about to go deeper. You are about to live fuller. You are about to love more than you have ever known. But for now be in the grief for what has or has not happened. Let the voice of fear have full range if that is what it needs. Just remember that we hold you in love through it all and promise that your light shines even brighter than before.

We love you beyond,

Your Angels and the Divine Feminine energy of ‘the Roses’ (channelled by Anna April 2017)


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