Thirty Four Things I’ve Learned

It’s been SO long since I’ve written a blog. But in recent years, just before my birthday, it’s become a little tradition to share what I’ve learned or what I’ve been reminded of in the previous twelve months. So here I am. Thirty four has been intense but life-changing!

1) We all chose the perfect body for our purpose. Including me. I mean that more than I ever have.

2) Self-love is a continual journey

3) Having healthy boundaries is an important part of that self-love.
4) Perception is a huge part of life.
5) So is patience.
6) Procrastination is sneaky.
7) Perseverance is rewarded.
8) Perfectionism is futile because as humans we can never be perfect and as souls we already are.
9) Gratitude and grief can co-exist.
10) Healing happens when people are willing to put the past behind them and focus on peace.
11) Nobody but me has heard my true singing voice and that needs to change.
12) Sexiness has nothing do with my actual body image and everything to do with how I feel about it.
13) Worrying about what people think is exhausting.
14) Never assume anything. Ask.
15) Imagination is a very powerful tool. Use it wisely.
16) I rarely shed a tear. If I cry, many tears fall at once.
17) I am more of an introvert than I thought.
18) I long to dance across the floor. But I know I dance within my heart.
19) Should is a very unhelpful word.
20) Woohoo is a very under-used one.
21) I would rather be deemed too trusting than close my heart.
22) There will always be those who do not see me for who I am. That is OK.
23) There will always be people who do. I focus on those.
24) I am a big dreamer. And proud of it.
25) When I make something non-negotiable in my life it happens. I need to remember that more often.
26) Travelling to California is always life-changing for me. Often in ways I least expect.
27) Being upgraded to Business-class included.
28) I am more of an artist than I thought.
29) Still, I cannot draw to save my life.
30) One prayer, one word, in one moment can save a life.
31) My biological clock is loud. Especially when I’m quite in the middle of the night.
32)If something feels ‘off’ it usually is.
33) Sometimes not getting what I want is very disappointing. Sometimes it turns out to be the best thing ever.
34) Words are among my favourite things about life. But there are no words to describe the beautiful, extraordinary Divine love I have felt and continue to feel in the most ordinary moments.

Much love,



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